Testimonials & feedback

This ‘pano glitch’ self-portrait was taken on one of my workshops called The Self  which I’m running for the Royal Photographic Society, along with a bunch of other workshop such as, The Art of Seeing and  Monsters, Myths & Metaphors.  The image pretty much shows my workshop set up, the ‘pano-glitch’ is evocative of the frustrations of disrupted wifi signals, unwanted ambient sounds and so on.  It is kind of weird running workshops online using Zoom as I have been doing for the past year. What’s most weird is trying to get a sense of how it is going, are the participants engaged? Are they enjoying it and being stimulated? ‘Reading’ this is really tricky via the small Zoom window. So it is really gratifying to receive such positive comments from participants after the workshop. Here are a few snippets: 

“Ben’s approach is perfect for courses, no matter what level you work at. He is such a good speaker. It was a lovely way to spend a day”.

“Ben Brain is a wonderfully creative photographer and inspiring teacher and presenter. The workshop was great fun and made me think differently. I learnt a lot. Thank you”.  

“I did enjoy it and it taught me some good stuff”. 

“No, I thought it was excellent.  It covered many ideas, we enjoyed a ‘practical’, two in fact with feedback from Ben and colleagues within the group and the subsequent notes saved note-taking.”

“12 out of 10 in my rating.  Excellent.  Thank you, Ben did a terrific job, full of enthusiasm and great ideas, with comments handled very tactfully.”

“Worked really well for me - Would not change anything”

“This was a thoroughly enjoyable workshop. There was no dry theory or technical emphasis, and just the right balance between listening and doing”.

“Excellent workshop run by Ben in his encouraging and inclusive style.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop for a number of reasons including working on a project to produce an end outcome for sharing during the last session & the interaction with the other participants”.  

“I thought it was great; challenging, inspirational, thought-provoking and rewarding”. 

“It was challenging but I learned a lot about other photographers.  I was amazed by everyone’s work - it was a memorable class”.

“The practical sessions are really useful, stimulating, and well-reviewed by Ben Brain. The format works well on Zoom and is probably more appropriate than a face to face workshop in a classroom considering there were participants from Madrid to Aberdeen”.

“I enjoyed the day but particularly the activities.  It would be lovely if there were more!”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and cannot think of anything I would want to change. The pace was good and it has given me a lot of information and ideas to work on in the future.”

“Ben did a great job inspiring us and also encouraging group discussions”. 

“I was on Ben’s Art of Seeing course and knew that I wanted to work with him again”.

“This workshop was absolutely first-rate and Ben an excellent tutor.  I enjoyed every minute.  I’d change almost nothing, but it could a) have been a little longer or b) Ben stricter with himself with timing each section.  The trouble with that could be, that the lovely, relaxed & empathetic atmosphere we worked in could be diminished.  I think that Ben should be commissioned for a follow-up with the same group.  This has been the best RPS workshop I have attended so far… and they all have been very good”.

“I thought it was an excellent workshop. Very well balanced between information and mini-projects”.

“Great exercises .. worked well. Good friendly group and Ben very flexible. Some ideas to wake you up and challenge you to do things differently” 

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