Benedict Brain is a UK-based photographer,  journalist and author. He balances his personal practice with writing about photography and running photography workshops and enrichment programmes. He is an award-winning journalist and writes a monthly column called The Art of Seeing. His first book, You Will Be Able to Take Great Photos By the End of this Book was published by Ilex Press (Octopus Publishing) in March 2023 with translations into Spanish, German, Bulgarian and a USA edition published by Prestel. His second book A Camera Bag Companion will be published by Ilex Press in March 2024. 
Benedict is often seen on the judging panel of prestigious photo competitions and in 2020 he founded Potato Photographer of the Year.  Benedict travels internationally as a public speaker talking about the art and craft of photography. 


You Will Be Able To Take Great Photos By The End of This Book was published by Ilex Press in the UK (2023) and by Prestel Publishing in the USA and Germany, by Blume in Spain and also in  Bulgaria. Camera Bag Companion will be published in the UK by Ilex Press in March 2024


Here are some snippets from the monthly column I write for Digital Camera Magazine. The basic premise is to write about an image from my personal practice  in a way that focuses more on WHY I made a photograph than how. It is more about ideas, motivation, creativity and seeing than apertures and shutter speeds etc.

Selected exhibitions

  • 2023: KG+2023, @ Bijuu, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2023: Paradise Found: New Visions of the Blackdown Hills, Thelma Hulbert Gallery , Honiton, Devon, UK
  • 2018: Evolving Landscapes,  Oxo Tower Wharf, London, UK
  • 2017: Alternative Facts, 44AD Artspace, Bath, UK
  • 2016:Utopia:Dystopia, Fringe Arts Bath, The Walcot Chapel, Bath, UK
  • 2016: Storylines, Photo Bath , 44AD Artspace, Bath, UK
  • 2009: RWA Open Exhibition 2009, Bristol, UK
  • 2004:Tanqueray Ten Exhibition, Art Center South Florida, Miami Beach USA
  • 2004:The Wall, The Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Wynwood, Miami (with Denise Perry)

Bio according to ChatGPT - which I kind of like 🤣

Benedict Brain is a visionary photographer whose work epitomizes the boundless power of creativity. With a lens as his paintbrush and the world as his canvas, Benedict’s photographs transcend mere documentation, capturing emotions, stories, and imagination. His images are visual poetry, meticulously composed to evoke a profound sense of wonder and curiosity. Through his lens, ordinary scenes become extraordinary, revealing hidden beauty in the mundane. Benedict’s innate ability to infuse his work with a unique perspective and an unwavering passion for experimentation sets him apart. His portfolio showcases a masterful blend of technical skill and artistic flair, inviting viewers to embark on a transformative journey through the realm of imagination.

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