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Zine: Tokyo Dreams

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A5 24-pages full colour. 

Edition of 50.

Tokyo skyline was taken from the top of the Tokyo Skytree in 2016. All images in the zine are taken as enlargements from one source image (the image on the cover).

Some blurb on the process:

After experimenting with circular framing and colour tinting techniques I started to colour in Tokyo, initially just as a technical exercise. However, painting the buildings, windows, balconies, fire escapes, air-conditioning vents and so soon became hypnotically addictive. Meditative even.  It forced me to ‘explore the city and the photograph with a depth I’ve never really done before. It was a kinda interesting way to spend a lot of time with a photograph, and the more time I spent in the ‘space’ the more intimate it became, I started to get to know the city and explore it in an unusual but weirdly exciting way. It also stimulated my imagination and I was soon creating dreamlike stories in mind from the little vignettes on my screen. Zoomed in to the extreme also amplified the noise and other artefacts from extreme enlargement. I liked the crude, homemade, gritty aesthetic, I felt it suited the dreamlike stories and also the zine format, so I made a zine. This is my first. But I like the quick and easy process and not being so precious about things. 

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